Thoughts on Glossier's Latest: Cloud Paint + Invisible Shield ✨

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I'm probably on my second or third bottle of Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser, their Balm Dotcoms cure all things dry, and my love for this brand started with my first purchase of Generation G in Crush (and now I have all six colors). There's no doubt that Glossier is right up my alley, with one of the best pieces of life advice ever - Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile always. 

If you follow Glossier on Instagram, it's not hard to keep up with new products. They definitely know how to keep you on your toes with the latest launches - from vague clips on InstaStories to posting subtle hints on Instagram. 

I'm here to share my thoughts on two recently launched Glossier goods - Cloud Paint and Invisible Shield

Being a lover of paintings and painting, I knew I had to get my hands on Glossier's paint-tube-inspired blush - Cloud Paint. I waited about a week, stalking all of the swatches I can find of this product before purchasing. I have natural redness on my cheeks already, and I didn't want to add on to it. Plus, I'm not a big fan of the "rosy cheeks" look, and so I usually go for a more natural and muted color when choosing blushes. I ended up getting the shade Dusk, which is the perfect natural shade for me. 

The Cloud Paint is super pigmented, and a little tiny bit goes a long ass way. It comes out of the tube rich in color, goes on sheer, and can be buildable according to your blushing needs. "Cloud Paint" is such a suitable name for this product, because it feels super soft and fluffy when applying. Aside from the cute packaging, I wish it didn't come in this squeezing-tube form because it's hard not to dispense too much product. Overall, I'm loving how this product gives me a naturally healthy glow! 

As of receiving this product in the mail, this is hands-down my favorite Glossier product yet. I've never been more excited for a Glossier launch before. When I started seeing clues that a Glossier sunscreen was in the making and ready to see the world, I felt my skin jumping with joy and screaming: "Finally, maybe this girl will start protecting me from the sun."  Lo and behold, the Invisible Shield SPF 35, y'all. 

Like many of you out there, I never got into the habit of putting on sunscreen for several reasons - felt too thick, looked too greasy, gave me a ghost layer, and putting on makeup was harder. However, the recent sunscreen market has changed and there are more serum and primer-like sunscreens out there that work beautifully, just like this one. I'm not judgmental between chemical and physical SPFs, but if you're a user of only physical SPFs, this one probably isn't for you. Also keep in mind that Invisible Shield is not waterproof. Other than being a chemical SPF and not waterproof, the Invisible Shield works amazing - I love how lightweight it feels on my skin, the way it smells, and how my makeup applies effortlessly on top! To be honest, it's a little expensive for 1 oz. (at $34.00) but definitely worth the bang for my buck

In a week or so, I'll have a post all about sunscreen - the difference between chemical and physical SPFs, my favorite products, and how I reapply sunscreen throughout the day! 



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