Summer Seventeen: Use Protection! (Mini Sunscreen Guide)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Welcome to the first post of my Summer Seventeen series!

It's finally scorching hot here in New York City. A little late for mid-June, but I'm not complaining at all. Summer is fun and all, but breezy hoodie-and-shorts weather is still my favorite. Anyway, I'm not here to complain about how hot summers are, but to stress how important wearing sunscreen is. Believe me, I used to think sunscreen was ew as well, until I discovered some sunscreen gems that work for me! I've used drugstore sunscreens growing up, and was never a fan because of several reasons - left a white cast on my face, had a greasy finish, didn't work well under makeup, and so on. I'm not too picky about sunscreen on the body, but if I'm putting it on my face, it needs to give me a natural to matte finish, while behaving under some makeup.

Now, there's this whole commotion between physical vs. chemical sunscreen. Some don't have a preference between the two, some are avid users of only physical sunscreen, and some are unaware of the difference. I'm no sunscreen expert, but I'll tell you what I know in a nutshell!

If you look at the ingredients on a sunscreen and see "zinc oxide" and/or "titanium dioxide", you're looking at a physical sunscreen (also known as mineral sunscreen). These ingredients are physical blockers that reflect sunshine. Zinc oxide is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it protects you from the entire UVA and UVB spectrum. One downside of physical sunscreen is that most of them tend to be a bit chalky, leaving a "ghost layer" or white cast - not cute.

On the other hand, we have chemical sunscreen. Some gear away from this type of sunscreen because even though they can offer more protection, your skin is actually absorbing the rays. Not all of the ingredients in a chemical ssunscreen are FDA-approved, and the ingredients have a chance of affecting your skin in a not-so-good way (signs of aging, irritation, etc.) due to free radicals. However, I cannot let go of chemical sunscreen because they feel amazing on the skin - some are thin and serum-like and sit well under makeup.

And of course, some sunscreen contain both physical and chemical ingredients. You pick!

Since I'm a lover of both types of sunscreen, here are some of my absolute faves that I've been slathering on. The sunscreen I use for the day depends on how I'm feeling at the moment - if I'm too lazy to put on foundation, I'll use a sunscreen that has a bit of color. Oh, and don't forget to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out!

*Captions will indicate if the sunscreen is chemical or physical.

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35 (chemical)
For 20% off your first Glossier purchase, click here to shop with me and check out some of my Glossier faves:

philosophy take a deep breath spf 30 (chemical)

COOLA Face SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish (physical) / COOLA Classic SPF 30 Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer (chemical)

COOLA Face SPF 30 Rosilliance BB+ Cream Light / Medium (physical) / COOLA Face SPF 30 BB+ Cream Golden (physical) 

Bare Republic Mineral SPF 40 Sport Sunscreen Spray (physical)

Brush on Block Touch of Tan (physical) / Susan Posnick Colorflo Foundation (physical) 
Thank you to one of my favorite YouTubers of all time, Serein Wu, for suggesting to use mineral powder with SPF to reapply makeup - genius. She has an amazing in-depth video all about sunscreen, and I totally recommend that you watch it - click here to watch!

Hope this post gives you a bit of knowledge on sunscreen! Please please please protect your skin this summer (and always). Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite sunscreen!



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  1. Such a straight forward post! Spf for life! Thank you for the shoutout too ❤️


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