Holy Grail Hair Tools (Part II of II)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy September! Here's the second (and last) part of my mini "Holy Grail Hair" series. Yesterday, I dived into my current favorite hair products, and today I'm sharing some of my favorite hair tools and accessories. Enjoy!

Meet one of Wet Brush's newest launches, the Shower Flex. This new innovative shape is great for hanging almost anywhere - on the shower head, doorknob, drawer knob, you name it. Wet Brushes are masters at detangling on both wet and dry hair, while being super gentle on the scalp. 

New hair ties are always a plus - especially since they love disappearing all the time. Scunci is a great brand for all things hair accessories - hair ties, hair clips, headbands, etc. I'm love these two styles from their "Fit Girl Club" collection. It's definitely a change from the usual black I reach for, but neutral and fun at the same time. You can find Scunci products at your local drugstore! 

Who knew you needed a separate towel for just your hair? I didn't. Luckily, my hair is on the thinner side, so drying time after showering isn't too bad - but still time consuming. But let me tell you - this AQUIS hair towel saves me even more time. You can choose which AQUIS towel suits you the best - they have specific ones depending on the general thickness of your hair. A must-have for those who are always in a rush (me). 

I try to keep up with the latest trends, and sometimes it just doesn't work out for me. To be more specific, I can barely curl my hair with those new curling wands (that come without the clamp). They seem to be all "the rave" lately, and it's something that I haven't adapted to. I'm clumsy, so there's a high chance of me being careless. Anyway, maybe I'm old-school, but I'm glad that curling irons with the clamp are still being made, and this VARIS 1" curler has been my go-to for subtle waves. I noticed that my waves last a bit longer when using this curler compared to the other ones I have. 

Though The Confidante is a multi-purpose styler, I use it for straightening my hair the most. My hair is straight for the most part, but I wake up with wacky ends pretty frequently. The Confidante does a great job at not drying out my hair (like many styling tools do) and I'm loving it so far. This one's definitely staying with me for years and years to come. And to top it off from the words of amika, "get ready for a long term relationship" with this product! I'm all in. 

I said goodbye to my old dryer after getting my hands on this Immortal Power-Life Dryer from amika. Truth be told, I had second thoughts about this product's performance at first because it is so lightweight and quiet (for a hair dryer). Boy, was I wrong because this thing definitely does the job of drying my hair while being lightweight with minimal noise. I'm definitely in awe with this, and rate this a million thumbs up if I could!

Hoping this helps you find the right hair tools for you!



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