Quick Evening Skincare Routine for Lazy Nights! 🌙

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Being in my mid-twenties, skincare has become this new world that I'm constantly exploring - and it's fun! It has its ups (better skin) and downs (allergic reactions), but I'm glad I'm more skincare-conscious now than before. To be honest, I know I should have an "in depth" skincare routine that consists of cleansing (sometimes double-cleansing if needed), toner, essence, treatment, serum, and moisturizer or cream - and I do, but I have my lazy nights. "Lazy nights" don't necessarily mean that I skip all of the above, but on days when I'm super duper tired, I'll do the bare minimum - cleanser, serum, and night cream. 

Sometimes I like using different skincare brands in one routine, and other times I like to switch it up a bit and use products from the same brand. Today, we'll be exploring a few products from REN Skincare, a brand that I've been testing out and loving so far (not sponsored). Keep reading to see what products I use from REN for a quick evening skincare routine for those lazy nights!

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk
If you're like me, having sensitive skin and living in New York City, this is something you need to pick up during your next Sephora haul. I don't wear too much makeup on a daily basis - I'm on that "no makeup makeup with liquid eyeliner" flow, and this cleanser removes everything, while being gentle on the skin. This cleansing milk is nourishing as well, and doesn't suck the hydration out of you (which is a plus for a quick skincare routine). 

REN Radiance Perfection Serum
For some reason, I'm always proud of myself when I use a serum (or any kind of treatment). My lazy nights used to consist of just cleansing and moisturizing, but I've gotten into the habit of applying serum. Serums usually have more active ingredients, goes deeper into the skin, and generally treats your specific skin troubles (like redness, dullness, acne-prone, etc.). Applying serum is probably my favorite skincare step so far, but the only downside is that serums can be costly - but remember, skincare is an investment and you're usually getting the bang for your buck. I've been dealing with some pretty dull skin, and this Radiance Perfection Serum really helps to brighten up my complexion! 

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial
When I know I'm having a lazy night, I'll put on a moisturizer or cream that was formulated to use specifically in the evening. It just makes me feel like my skin is getting extra TLC while I'm sleeping. The Radiance Perfection Serum pairs really well with this Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial mask - this duo works really well to brighten up my skin and even out my complexion. I wake up with glowing supple skin after using this overnight magic! Totally recommend getting a sample of this during your next Sephora visit if you're unsure about this product - you won't regret it. 

Now this post isn't trying to promote or encourage laziness at all - just wanted to put it out there that a quick skincare routine is better than no skincare routine (because we all have those nights). 

For those of you who read (or skim) through my blog, thank you for the support. I'm still trying to figure out if this is "my thing" but in the meantime, the posts will keep rolling. Stay tuned! 



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