Half A Dozen Fragrances to Fall For Right Now!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy November, readers! 

Is it just me or do you tend to reach for certain fragrances during a certain time of year? I usually go for lighter fruit and floral scents, but I have my woody and musky moments, too! Here are half a dozen of my go-to fragrances at the moment. If I had to choose one out of the six? I'd probably go with the new Jo Malone London English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne! It's definitely different than my usual go-to, but I'm liking the white musk notes this fragrance has. You should definitely check it out at a local Jo Malone London retailer near you - they also have an English Oak & Hazelnut one for those who prefer Spicy scents. 

The holidays are coming up and these fragrances make for perfect holiday gifts as well!

Products Pictured:
- philosophy pure grace nude rose spray fragrance (delicate blush rose, clean dewy greens, neroli, bright orange flower, cedarwood, sunkissed musk)
- Jo Malone London English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne (redcurrant, green mandarin, rose, white musk, roasted oak) 
- Kate Spade New York TRULYgracious Eau de Toilette (bamboo leaves, green sap, green musk)
- Kate Spade New York TRULYdarling Eau de Toilette (pink peony, cherry blossom, rosyfolia)
- DKNY Nectar Love Eau de Parfum (yellow freesia, mandarin, solar salicylates, jasmine, muguet, mirabelle, honeycomb neroli extract) 
- Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum (carla lavender, sambac jasmine, album sandalwood, vanilla tahitensis) 

Do you have a go-to fragrance for these colder months? 


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