Beauty Lineup: Treat Your Face with These Skincare Goodies!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hi, beauty lovers! I'm back at it again with another lineup of some skincare products I've been enjoying. Since the new year, I've been more open to trying out out different brands, including those that are unfamiliar to me as well as newer / "indie" brands. Being a small business owner myself (as a calligrapher), I find it super important to support small batch, up and coming, and local brands and businesses. If you're into checking out some new and innovative skincare brands or looking for something to pamper your skin with, keep on scrolling!

First off, how pretty is this packaging? I love how the dusty pink powder sits in the glass jar. If you have dry to normal skin (like myself), then I totally suggest checking out this clay mask, formulated with rose petal, banana, coconut milk, and honey powders. I use this product on nights when I'm not as lazy and want to pamper a bit! I gradually add water to a bit of powder until a paste-like texture is formed, smear it on my face after cleansing, and wash it off with warm water after it hardens. 100% natural and 100% recommend! 

RODIN / Lip Balm
Just a little something I keep under my pillow. I can't sleep knowing (and feeling like) my lips are dehydrated, and sticking a lip balm under my pillow is one less step for me to get out of bed. My lips feel nourished and moisturized after using this product (thanks to the shea butter, beeswax, and oil ingredients)! 

I had the pleasure of checking out products from Mantra Mask, the makers of these sheet masks that are formulated with only natural sourced ingredients. These masks are designed for specific skin issues (such as dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin, etc.) so there is no doubt that you will find the right one for your skin type. Out of these three masks, I find that my skin type is most suitable for the Restore & Hydrate mask (because of my dry skin, especially in the winter) and the Repair & Renew mask (from living in NYC with all the air pollution). The Calm & Clarify mask is perfect for my boyfriend, who has acne-prone and oily skin. These masks are easy to use, formulated with all-natural premium ingredients, and my skin felt hydrated and supple after use!

I've been more open to using facial oils as of late, and I've been loving this one from Back to Basics Skincare. After using this Rose Hip Radiance Oil, I definitely see (and feel) a difference in the texture of my skin, a more natural glow, and brighter-looking skin!

Most of these products are 100% natural, and I totally recommend checking them out. Thanks for tuning in this week! 


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