Let's Talk About My Favorite Personal Care Items!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hi, friends! Today I’ll be sharing some things I can’t live without as well as some (oddly interesting) new things I’ve been trying. Aside from skincare and makeup, I’m also a lover of everyday personal care products (like hand-sani)! And of course, y’all know I love beauty products that really know how to multi-task. Keep scrolling for some of my current fave personal care products! 

How can you say no to these adorable two-in-one Birdies? I love taking one along with me wherever I go. The hand-sani keeps me clean (and less anxious), and the mini dry wipes (at the bottom of Birdie) are a perfect just-in-case convenience - I use them to clean my phone (we all know how dirty that thing gets) with a few spritzes of the sani!

Yay for multi-tasking organic products like these two! I'm all for sulfate-free shampoos like The Do-All Wash, which works as a gentle body and face wash as well. The Do-All Conditioner also works as a hair mask and shaving cream in addition to conditioner. These two products have amazing scents of grapefruit and citrus!

KOPARI BEAUTY Coconut Deodorant
I'm in love with this deodorant! For the last decade, it has been such a journey finding the right deodorant for me. I've tried drugstore, high-end, clinical, and other natural deodorants, and nothing compares to this Kopari one. It doesn't give me that sticky and grimy residue like others do, and I still feel fresh at the end of the day. When I'm more active, I do have to reapply though! And as for the scent, it smells like sweet coconuts and reminds me of summers and the beach.

KOPARI BEAUTY Coco Oil Pullers
When I first heard of the Kopari Coco Oil Pullers, I was definitely interested right off the bat (even though it was odd at the same time). I've always wanted to whiten my teeth, but always chickened out because of all the stories I've heard of how it really hurts and how your teeth get really sensitive. Not worth it for me. Until I found out about these gems - not only do they help brighten teeth, but they also help achieve healthier gums and fresher breath. I just started trying this method, and it takes some getting used to because you're swishing an unfamiliar texture in your mouth for minutes, but I'm getting the hang of it!

SCHMIDT'S NATURALS Tooth + Mouth Paste
Another dental product! Schmidt's is known for their deodorants and they just launched their new toothpastes (with some interesting flavors). Since I'm used to mint-flavored toothpaste, Wondermint is my favorite out of the bunch. These toothpastes aren't as thin as other natural toothpastes, which is a good thing for me - sometimes I feel like I need to feel the thick texture to know that I'm brushing my teeth. I'm always down to switching to healthier options when it comes to beauty - go check these out!

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