Good-For-You Makeup Brands You Need to Try!

Monday, June 4, 2018

As of late, I've been testing out more and more beauty brands that are on the cleaner side of things. At first, I was drawn to cleaner skincare brands, and naturally became aware of makeup brands that were clean as well. Keep reading to see some of my favorite good-for-you makeup brands! 

Let's start off with my current favorite good-for-you makeup brand - Olga's Organics. This brand does not get enough hype that it deserves, as their makeup products are truly truly truly worth trying. Olga was generous enough to send me their Organic Certified Loose Face Powder, Vegan Kabuki Brush, and Lip Tint (in Sedona). It took me a while to actually try the products, but I'm so glad I did because these products have been implemented into my makeup routine for good. I love using The Loose Face Powder for setting my makeup - the powder is so silky and it leaves my fave feeling nice and soft! I don't normally wear lipstick, but the Lip Tint (in Sedona) is a great natural color for my lips and the product glides on ever so smoothly! Totally recommend checking out this clean makeup brand! 100%!

Next up is Vapour Beauty, a natural luxury makeup and skincare brand. I have not tried their skincare products, but their makeup is pretty promising, especially their Aura Multi-Tasker and Velvet Lip Gloss. The Aura Multi-Tasker is perfect for on-the-go gals like me, who prefers to sleep in just a few more minutes and ends up rushing on makeup. I use this on my lips for quick color, and will add a bit of color on my cheeks for a bit of flush - this works on the lids as well, depending on which color you get! I love popping a Velvet Lip Gloss in my bag - it's not overly glossy and the product melts from the warmth of your finger. Loving these natural colors and this natural makeup brand!

Mineral Fusion is not a new favorite - it's an oldie but a goodie. There's always that one brand that you always run back to, no matter how many new brands you come across. I first discovered Mineral Fusion at Whole Foods and have appreciated their mineral products since. I'm a huge fan of their lip products, as they have stunning pigments in a wide variety of color and finishes. Their Sheer Moisture Lip Tints are my current favorites as they give a natural finish with a my-lips-but-better look. I also recommend checking our their classic Lipsticks and Lipstick Butters!

Let me know if you have any favorite good-for-you makeup brands! 


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