DIY Lavender Rose Body Scrub (or Bath Soak) 🥥

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Months and months ago, I created a DIY Lavender Rose Body Scrub "recipe" for my best friend's Bridal Shower. Her bridal shower consisted of about forty people and I wanted to do a fun little DIY project that everyone could enjoy. I researched on dozens of ways to make a body scrub, and incorporated some of my own ingredients and ideas! It was fun sourcing ingredients, the glass jars, and custom stickers for this event! Keep scrolling for some DIY fun! 

I create this mini instruction sheet for each guest, as I think it's super helpful to be able to hear the instructions as well as follow along on the sheet in case you miss anything. 

Making body scrubs (or bath soak) is all about combining ingredients to your liking. For ingredients, I chose pink Himalayan salt, lavender buds, and dried rose petals.

The one wet ingredient in this DIY is coconut oil. Wanted to give a huge shout-out to Kopari for sending some of their Organic Coconut Melt for Jane's Bridal Shower! I totally recommend investing when it comes to ingredients, like coconut oil. Kopari's Coconut Melt is so versatile and I knew it would be the perfect ingredient for this DIY. We melted some of the coconut oil in the microwave and poured the contents into short mason jars for easier access when scooping!

We provided plastic cups for the mixing process, as it tends to get a little messy!
First, add 4-5 scoops of pink Himalayan salt, and then desired amount of dried florals (lavender buds and / or dried rose petals). Personally, I like the smell of rose more than lavender, so I added more dried rose petals! 

Add 1-2 scoops of coconut oil!
*Please skip this step if you prefer to make a bath salt / soak instead of a body scrub!

Transfer contents into a glass jar! 

There you have it! Hope y'all enjoyed this fun DIY that's perfect for a girls' gathering, especially a bridal shower (and it works as the perfect bridal shower favor that they can take home).



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